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Wireless HD Video Transmission System


Uncompressed High Definition digital video can be received wirelessly from 150 feet (50 yards) away, imperceptible delay, license free. Always has a perfect image. No flickers, no fading, nothing to adjust, internal antennae.






Monitor 7” LCD Handheld



This TV/monitor has a TFT display as bright as any available today. Easily visible in full sun. No shade required.
Click here for a manual






Dual Monitor 7" LCD Handheld



Watch two TV stations/cameras at once! This monitor display is as bright as any available today. Easily visible in full sun with good color for 3 people. Battery power.






Coherent Rental Package



This no license required microwave has excellent range and reduced flicker with its diversity receiver. We rent a complete package with all the small accessories you need.  Click here to read manual.






UHF Flat Panel Antenna



This new antenna will do more than anything else to improve your reception of video. Reduces double images and rolling pictures. This broadband antenna is tuned for 400-1000 MHz or TV channels 14-69.






TGV-100 Sony Tuner



While walking in the park, record TV off the air or keep an eye on your camera operator. He obviously needs a transmitter.






Sony TU1041U Tuner



Sony’s current work horse single antenna high quality TV tuner






Monitor 15” + 20” LCD



Great for large groups of viewers. Very visible in daylight.






Isolation Transformer



Very handy isolator to keep grounds of one system separate from everything else.






Dolly Breakaway



This is a fully articulated arm that attaches to a camera dolly and releases the BNC when stressed without strain. The dolly keeps moving, the shot is saved.






Battery Watcher



This is a SIMPLE meter to track DC use and battery capacity. It easily checks all DC gear: whole carts of DC equipment: chargers, meters, inverters, lamps, etc.






Computer NLE Video Assist System



We consult and manufacture to special instruction complete systems that are light weight and practical.






Specials - click here


ic-money ic-money ic-money ic-money


A collection of used and useful equipment.  Call for details.






As you are aware prices of all these goods change a lot and rapidly. Please view the prices on the pages as guides.  Things may go up or down and sometimes we have overstock to sell at cost or below. Call us for final pricing.

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